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Get closer to your customers by making customer insights and feedback highly visible across your company

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A feedback river for each of your needs

Being customer-centric is not an easy task. Feedback Rivers makes it easier for your company to have a holistic view of what your customers think and what are the main problems they are facing.

Feedback River sources being funneled to Slack channels

Organize your feedback

Use Slack channels to collect all your feedback. Organize your feedback in different channels based on sentiment or other parameters.

The right amount of feedback

Limit the amount of feedback that you get from the different integrations to have a healthy balance of feedback between the different sources.

GDPR compliant

We take privacy very seriously. This is why Feedback Rivers is compliant with the most strict regulations regarding data privacy.

Integrate with all your existing tools

We integrate with the most common feedback tools and review aggregators. We are constantly adding more integrations to our toolset.

No coding required

All our integrations require zero coding or technical skills. You will be able to configure Feedback Rivers within minutes.

Large catalog of integrations

Our large catalog of integrations guarantees a high chance of integrating all your tooling with our product. We are also constantly adding integrations to our toolset.

Product reviews

Browse what your customers are saying about your product. We integrate with the biggest product review aggregators and mobile app stores.

Customer support and user feedback tools

Know what kind of customer support inquiries your users are making and what they think about your product. See every touch point of your users with your company.

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Feedback Rivers is a feedback aggregator that brings all your customer feedback to easy-to-digest Slack channels..

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